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Conheça os principais tipos de taças para vinhos e espumantes | Let's Eat It

Discover the main types of glasses for wines and sparkling wines


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The quality of a wine depends on the harmonization of many components, and tasting it means tasting it with attention and quality. Something that complements this experience are the different types of glasses for wines and sparkling wines.

The influence of their shapes, sizes and material make a big difference in the appreciation of the taste of drinks. It is worth mentioning that you can also enjoy wine in a hedonic way, that is, for the simple pleasure of drinking it in special moments.

Focusing on wine, which is a drink that has a varied and complex chemical composition, each type will define the need for a specific glass for better enjoyment, considering that when using a glass that is not suitable for tasting a wine that has fruity and floral aromas, this it may be perceived as alcoholic or vegetal, in addition to generating a marked acidity, for example.

If you want to guarantee a good experience in your technical or hedonic tasting, continue reading and learn more about the types of glasses for wines and sparkling wines.

Glasses for wines and sparkling wines: differences between glasses

Sommelier Wine Glasses

Bohemia Glasses for Sparkling Wine

For a memorable wine experience, it is worth noting that it is important to consider the different types of wine glasses.

The glasses have the ideal shape to enhance the essential characteristics of this drink, such as flavors, aromas and temperatures.

The structure of a glass is made up of three parts: base, stem and bowl. In this way, the shape and size of each part are made with the aim of promoting a better suitability for a specific type of wine.

Below we highlight each part:


The base of the cup, as the name suggests, serves as a support for the whole, which also consists of the stem and the bowl.


This is the art in which we must hold the cup. The stem prevents contact with the bowl and ensures the drink's temperature is maintained.


It can be wide or funnel-shaped, it is where the wine is served, ensuring the appreciation of the intrinsic characteristics of each type.

Therefore, in order not to obstruct the observation of the color and offer a pleasant tactile contact, the ideal is for the glass to be made of crystal or thin transparent glass.

Crystal is a light material, which presents the ideal transparency for enjoyment and obtains greater porosity, in order to contribute to the release of aroma molecules.

In the next topics, we will talk about the main types of glasses to accompany wines such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, white, sparkling wine and dessert. Don't forget to read!

In fact, at Let's you will find different models of glasses produced in a manual process, by artisans, using the purest blown crystal.

Discover all the available options:

Bowls produced in a manual process, made by artisans, using the purest blown crystal.

Discover all the options available!

Difference between red wine glasses and sparkling wine glasses

Sparkling Wine Glasses

For sparkling wines, we also find glasses made from ecological crystal in the Sommelier Glass Set for Sparkling Wines ; a beautiful shine and transparency in the Bohemia Sparkling Glass Set , and a rich experience in appreciating the perlage and color of the wine, in the GrandVino Balonê Sparkling Crystal Glasses .

The high-quality materials, in addition to highlighting the uniqueness of these types of wines, bring great sophistication to meetings.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy your wine on a beautiful beach, Let's Eat It offers the Ocean Glass Kit with Needle Stem , which is ideal for wines, sparkling wines and drinks; It was developed with a special rod that allows support in the sand.


On the other hand, the most recommended glasses for sparkling wine are the flute type, a term that in French means “flute”, tulip and trumpet.

These types of glasses have a structure with a long, cylindrical body, allowing greater temperature preservation, in addition to being able to retain the effervescence and bring out the aromas of the drink.

In order to promote an excellent wine experience, Let's Eat It offers some sets of glasses that will make a difference when tasting and appreciating this Dionysian drink!

For red wines, we find resistant materials made from ecological crystal with titanium in the Sommelier Wine Glass Set, Bohemia Wine Glass Set and the Sommelier Glass Set . The elegance of these glasses gains a special highlight and guarantees sophistication, greater shine and transparency.

On the other hand, if you want an experience with fuller-bodied wines, the GrandVino Bourgogne Crystal Glass Set may be the best option. Due to the bowl being more rounded, characteristics such as aromas and flavors stand out.

Glasses for white and rosé wines

Considering white wines, as they are consumed at low temperatures, it is recommended to drink them in glasses with smaller bowls and a long stem; This allows the content of the wine filled in the glass to exchange less heat with the environment, and maintain its temperature for longer.

On the other hand, rosé wines, as they are composed of a mixture of tannins found in red wines and the aromatic experience of white wines, are best consumed in smaller glasses with a large bowl, to preserve their essence. However, they can also be consumed in glasses recommended for white wines.


Dessert wine glasses

The different types of wine glasses also include the dessert wine category. They are sweeter and more concentrated, and should be consumed in small quantities.

As it does not require aeration to release the aromas, the bowl used is smaller compared to the others presented in this text. Therefore, its edge is narrow, and directs the drink to the tip of the tongue; allowing the sweetness of the wine to be better perceived.


Discover the ISO cup

Finally, if you are not interested in obtaining a specific glass for each model of wine, and want to enjoy it in the best way, we recommend using an ISO glass .

This glass model was created in 1970, and has the advantage of being adaptable to all types of wines.

In this way, it has a smaller structure than conventional red wine glass models, obtaining a larger bowl and a more closed edge. Therefore, both the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Association Fran çaise de Normalization (Afnor) standardized this glass model with the aim of facilitating the technical appreciation of the art of tasting wine.

Knowing this, this is another category of cups that make up the Let's Eat It line . In fact, you will find on the website one of the most sought after and beloved in Brazil, the Sommelier , which has an innovative Italian design, being perfect for tasting red, white and sparkling wines.

Be sure to check out the best types of wine glasses and incorporate experience and sophistication into your tasting moment.


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